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Ashley is chief podcast editor for the Ryerson Review of Journalism Podcast, Pull Quotes. 



As part of Ashley's Master of Journalism at Ryerson University,  completed a 6-week internship with CBC Radio in Toronto. Ashley is worked for the national weekly radio program - Day 6. Here are some of the stories she has produced:   


Over the course of Ashley's various work experiences from 2016-2017 she developed a demo of some of her work. 


Ashley has a passion for story telling through a creative lens. While writing scripts and booking guests for various radio programs, she also edited and mixed tape from out in the field.

n May 2017, Ashley began her work as a CBC Peter Gzowski intern. Four interns across Canada were selected for this internship. Ashley trained and


worked as an Associate Producer for 4 months, for radio programs including On the Coast and BC Almanac.

Ashley's Interview with legendary Rock n' Roll Photographer
Bob Gruen 
Ashley's Interview with Chef and Forager Robin Kort 


This work experience allowed Ashley to gain in depth knowledge in a breadth of current affairs across the world.

t is probably every student journalist's dream to land a work placement with the BBC, for any length of time. Ashley worked for the daily radio program BBC World  


Have Your Say. During this 3-week work experience placement, she was given the opportunity to research and help develop a global discussion with guests from all over the world, covering a range of current affairs including the EU Referendum, US Election, EURO 2016, the Orlando shootings, and Senate filibuster in the US. 


Each day she worked with Have Your Say team to research stories and fix guests for a Worldone hour daily discussion program.

She also helped with social media for BBC World Have Your Say's various social media networks, listening for important key points during the program to be highlighted on social media.




This volunteer experience gave Ashley the opportunity to find her voice on air, something she has continued to develop. 

rom September 2015 to May 2016, while she completed her exchange in the United Kingdom, Ashley volunteered for the Leeds Student Radio for the programme NewsLink.


Ashley worked as a Lead News Presenter discussing various global and local issues and events. While volunteering, Newslink won "Best Core Show" and Ashley won "Best Newsreader" at the Leeds Student Radio Awards.

Listen to some of Ashley's work 

This playlist showcases some of Ashley's favourite clips from her work with Leeds Student Radio. 


In May, Ashley travelled to Hong Kong to create a 360-video documentary reporting on the theme "disappearing Hong Kong". Ashley and several of her colleagues travelled to some of Hong Kong's fishing villages to discover their history and how the community is changing. Ashley produced this podcast in reflection of her trip which was published here.