It is probably every student journalist's dream to land a work placement with the BBC, for any length of time. I was shocked but incredibly greatful to be chosen to spend 3 weeks at BBC Broadcasting House in London. During my work experience at the BBC World Service I worked for the daily radio program BBC World Have Your Say. During this 3 week work experience placement I was given the opportunity to research and help develop a global discussion with guests from all over the world covering a range of current affairs including the EU Referendum, US Election, EURO 2016, the Orlando shootings, and Senate filibuster in the US. 

Each day I worked with World Have Your Say team to research stories and fix guests for a one hour daily discussion program. During this time, I developed my interview skills and confidence as a journalist. When speaking with individuals who in some cases, were dealing with sensitive issues throughout the world, I developed greater interpersonal skills when reaching out to these individuals and improved my phone manner when speaking with interviewees.  

I also helped with social media for BBC World Have Your Say's various social media networks, this included finding comments and questions posed to the program during or following a show, as well as listening for important key points during the program to be highlighted on social media. 

This work experience also allowed me to gain in depth knowledge in a breadth of current affairs across the world giving me a broader passion for researching stories globally and showing me the importance hearing perspectives from all over the world. Working in the BBC World Service department has given me the opportunity to understand how a major media organisation creates and develops their content each day, where I was able to see first hand how teams work together to produce quality programming 24/7. I have learned to be well prepared, confident, and more curious while ensuring my journalistic integrity, skills I will take with me throughout my career. 

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