As chief podcast editor for the Ryerson Review of Journalism Podcast, Pull Quotes, Ashley produced a range of podcasts on issues within Canadian journalism. 

Microphone Sound Editing

PodcastThe Ryerson Review of Journalism

The Out-of-Office Finale 

The penultimate episode of season three of the RRJ's Pull Quotes Podcast


April 2020


Article/PodcastThe Ryerson Review of Journalism

How Media Professionals Adapt to Challenging Misinformation


Nov 2019 

Man Reading the Newspaper

PodcastThe Ryerson Review of Journalism

How The StarMetro Cuts Exemplify The Precarious Nature Of Journalism


Hand Holding a Camera

Podcast | The Ryerson Review of Journalism

Exploring Innovative Journalism Practices



PodcastThe Ryerson Review of Journalism

Walking the Fine Line of Objectivity in the Age of Twitter – A Conversation With Desmond Cole and Vicky Mochama



More of Ashley's work in the Ryerson Review of Journalism 


Audio production work for CBC Radio for shows including Day 6, Cross Country Checkup, The House  and On The Coast

Street Protest

Cross Country Checkup 

What are your thoughts on the George Floyd protests in the U.S.?


June 2020

Female Lecturer

Day 6 

Move over Boris: Jo Swinson could be a 'kingmaker' in British politics


July 2019 

Forest Trees

Day 6 

Planting 1 trillion trees could slow climate change. Here's how Canada could contribute


July 2019 


Day 6 

Too close to home: Burnaby Mountain residents react to the Trans Mountain expansion approval


June 2019 


Cross Country Checkup 

How did you get to the other side of tragedy?

Special co-production with CBC Nova Scotia following the deadliest shootings mass shootings in Canadian history

April 2020


Playing Video Games

Day 6 

As many video games tiptoe around politics, Ubisoft's Watch Dogs Legion drops players into post-Brexit London


July 2019 


Day 6 

As Hong Kong protests continue, some protesters mull moving their money offshore


July 2019 



See more of Ashley's written work for CBC



Ashley and several of her colleagues travelled to some of Hong Kong's fishing villages to discover their history and how the community is changing. Ashley produced this podcast in reflection of her trip which was published here. 


Ashley worked for the daily radio program BBC World Have Your Say, during a 3-week work experience placement. She was given the opportunity to research and help develop a global discussion with guests from all over the world, covering a range of current affairs including the EU Referendum, US Election, EURO 2016, the Orlando shootings, and Senate filibuster in the US. 


Each day she worked with Have Your Say team to research stories and fix guests for a one hour daily discussion program.


From September 2015 to May 2016, while she completed her exchange in the United Kingdom, Ashley volunteered for the Leeds Student Radio for the programme NewsLink. Ashley worked as a Lead News Presenter discussing various global and local issues and events. While volunteering, Newslink won "Best Core Show" and Ashley won "Best Newsreader" at the Leeds Student Radio Awards.

This playlist showcases some of Ashley's favourite clips from her work with Leeds Student Radio. 

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