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The Stars

Article | CBC News
What is the fediverse and why does Threads want to join?
July 2023

Blurry Image of Dancers

ArticleThe Dance Current

Which Election Issues Are Top of Mind for BC Artists?


Oct 2020


FeatureThe Ryerson Review of Journalism

Keeping the Faith

The inside story of how The United Church Observer rebrand to Broadview Magazine


August 2020

Two Delicious Hamburgers

ArticleToronto Life

This woman wants to make chickenless eggs and cowless milk


Nov 2019 


Article | CBC World News

Why a U.K. university is banning beef in an attempt to fight climate change

Aug 2019


Man Reading the Newspaper

Article | CBC Radio

Despite calls of 'Western alienation', the Liberal Party will bring prosperity to Alberta, says Hajdu

Oct 2019


Beauty Shop

Article | CBC News

'Not Amazon' website seeks to boost local businesses across Canada


Nov 2020

Dance Class

ArticleThe Dance Current

Video of Tene Ward of The National Ballet of Canada trying on pointe shoes that match her skin tone goes viral


Sept 2020


Article/PodcastThe Ryerson Review of Journalism

How Media Professionals Adapt to Challenging Misinformation


Nov 2019 

Meat Cuts

ArticleToronto Life

This guy is inventing a pulled pork sandwich—hold the pork

Nov 2019


Petri Dish

Article | CBC Radio

As fears of coronavirus outbreak grow, Chinese-Canadian mother and activist worries about racist backlash

Jan 2020


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