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Project: Present & Future - Images of the Self


Concept: This project examines my mindset from the present to the future. The present examines the self as someone constantly on the go, thinking about schedules, to do lists, and when the next Skytrain will arrive. The future portrait represents my desire to be in complete control over my time and conquering this stress, having a more balanced lifestyle (and not waiting for Skytrains). 


This image was chosen by the professor of this class to be displayed in a showcase at Simon Fraser University's Open House. 

Project: With the Muse of Milton Glaser

During one of my graphic design classes we were asked to pick a contemporary graphic designer in order to create a film poster using a particular quote. I chose graphic artist Milton Glaser, most notably the creator of the I LOVE NY logo and "Mad Men" graphics. I particularly enjoyed researching his work and using the bold and vibrant colours in this design. Here are two images which I created for this project using Adobe Illustrator.

Project: Making Friends With The 90's 

Concept:  Promote 90's fashion for a magazine spread - I am a huge Friends fan, and what's says 90's fashion more then Pheobe's overalls, Monica's mini skirts, and Rachel's hair. 
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