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Project: Portrait in Time 
This photoshoot was inspired by something that I was very much missing. Since I began university, in my quest to further my education and delve into the topics of technology, media, and its effects on society, I have had to pause some of my favourite hobbies such as dancing. I attended a Fine Arts School which included a large part of my education on the stage and developing creative projects. I beleive that creativity and the task of conceptually discussing issues within society is key to making change in this world. Throughout my time secondary school it was these creative opportunities that have allowed me to further understand my role in society and what I felt my place might be in it. These images represent the joy, the trepedation, the risk, and the determination that I have brought to these projects. I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to have had such joy from these experiences.  

Project: A closer look at my surroundings 

While taking a digital image design class last year, our first small assignment required me to take some photos of specific areas such as nature, portraits, transport ect. In this process I was able to take a closer look at my surroundings. I managed to catch the sunset outside my window at the top of Burnaby Mountain which soon became one of my favourite images that I have photographed. These other images expose some of the hidden views at the top of Burnaby Mountain (where Simon Fraser University is located). 
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