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Study Abroad at University of Leeds 

When I initially applied to study in England from Vancouver, Canada, I knew that not only did I want to experience a new place to live and study but also to travel and experience different cultures and architecture along the way. It has been extremely interesting to take various modes of transport and find some beautiful and hidden areas of Europe and the UK. All of these photographs are taken on a iPhone 6.   


While I was studying in Leeds, I was very grateful that I could visit my family in London. I have been to London many times and previously lived there for 10 years, but during this year I wanted to ensure that I could once again experience all the wonderful places that I often took for granted when I was younger. 

Lille, Arras, Vimy Ridge

One of the first trips that I made while studying in Leeds was during Remembrance Day weekend. A friend from Canada and I decided to visit the Canadian National Vimy Memorial near Arras in France. We stayed in Lille and spent the day at the Vimy Ridge site on Remembrance Sunday. I was astounded by the beautiful memorial and moving service that we attended. The Vimy Ridge Memorial site plays particular significance to most Canadians as it was the place that is dedicated to the memory of Canadian Expeditionary Force members killed during the First World War. 

Liverpool & York

Being able to take day trips to various parts of the United Kingdom has been a wonderful opportunity to examine architecture and history. York and Liverpool are very historic cities and are only a short coach or train journey away from Leeds. Here are a few images from these day trips. 


I was blown away by the beautiful architecture and history that surrounds the city of Bath. I particularly enjoyed the Roman Baths, which is a must if you are visiting this historic area. It is hard to believe how developed and intelligent the ancient Romans were, not to mention how much they valued leisure. I was particularly astounded by the complicated system that the Romans had in place in order to ensure that the water from the hot spring reached all areas of the baths. I also enjoyed having another great tea at the oldest house in Bath which was built in 1482 and is home to Sally Lunn's Eating House and the world famous Bath Bun. Most of all, it was the 14th-century Georgian architecture and all of the matching buildings made out of the Golden coloured Bath Stone that truly sets the tone for the city. 

Exploring Camden and Brick Lane

Graffiti painted walls, antique stores and new organic coffee houses surround two very artistic and unusual areas in London. From Vintage shops to vibrant markets there is certainly a feeling of artistry and youthfulness in each of these areas. 

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